Quote of the Day February 7

Quote of the Day February 7, moral (moral) feelings higher feelings, emotions associated with the relationship of man to other people, to society and to their public duties. Moral feelings one experiences when perceiving phenomena from the perspective of moral values established by society.

Such feelings arise in the presence of not only the notions of duty, but also needs to conform to the moral demands of society. A strong sense of duty creates the conscience and moral responsibility for their behavior in front of other people and society. To the field of moral sentiments is what determines the communication between people:

the relationship to oneself, to others. These include: compassion, a sense of trust and goodwill to the people, fellowship, friendship. Special feeling developing between people, love. It’s the feeling between a man and a woman, between parents and children, etc.

To moral feelings are and feelings of national pride, international feelings, the love for the Motherland and people from other cultures and traditions. Among the moral sentiments are distinguished moral and political — that the experiences associated with emotional attitude to social institutions, to the state, the ranks, etc.

Such experiences the coincidence of moral values unite people and give them a “feeling of comradeship”, solidarity — a unified moral “we”. It is very important that people are able to defend in relationships with others, their moral “I” and was able to associate myself, to gain a sense of “we” with those who adhere to values of social relevance. I wish you a nice day. See the best quotes lifewisdomquotes.com every day. Leave your comments and don’t forget to share the quote with friends.

Quote of the Day February 7

Quote of the Day February 7

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.
– Isaac Asimov

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