Loneliness is the condition of people which has a lot of definitions. Everyone chooses what at the moment suits him best. Here are some of them:
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Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. – Arthur C. Clarke


Loneliness is feral the pain bubbling to the surface. But under the pressure of the mind of a lone person, it remains inside of him.

Loneliness is the fear of being misunderstood. Often desolation is an indicator of a large number of disappointments. Both in life and in people around them.

Loneliness is a sign of weakness and unwillingness to change own live. And that means the lives of people around them for the better too.

Loneliness is a fear of losing the imaginary freedom. Often it occurs not on an empty place. Singleness often has a detrimental effect on physical and moral condition of man. Solitude has no face. It’s faceless, no one sees, but many feel.

Loneliness is both the friend and the enemy of all mankind. Because many know firsthand and experience daily in all the bones, every cell of the body the condition as “solitude in the crowd”. When you realize that you are not alone, that there are people near you and not just a few people but a crowd.

But for you, the crowd turns into a faceless and often meaningless mass. And worst of all, you have a clear understanding of what you and the others in the crowd also mean nothing.

The loneliness of ages on the outside but may lead to wisdom within. But in spite of all these disadvantages, it has advantages. Solitariness helps one to know oneself, teaches a lot. The person teaches to feel better not only his own emotions and feelings but also the feelings of others, their condition. It teaches empathy.

Loneliness can help a person to make many discoveries through contemplation and silent observation of people. To understand the science, to understand yourself, to become closer to God. This is proved in many religions.

Loneliness helps a person to focus on their thoughts and feelings. Therefore, staying alone, you can achieve something more colossal than if it was someone else. Suffice it to recall the Buddhism, to understand this better. The Buddha has reached Nirvana, being alone.

The same Newton’s Apple fell on the head when he was focused and alone. So and singleness helped him to make very meaningful for all mankind discoveries in science.

And the interesting thing is that all people experience solitariness at least twice: at birth and at the hour of death. So there is no point resisting the fact that desolation is both within us and outside.

There are things that you need to take, because they cannot be changed. But there is something that can be modified to loneliness was not a burden. This again to refer to himself and start to change himself and his attitude towards others.

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